«Limited edition» is an art project by Håkon Forfod Sønneland, in cooperation with top artists and crafters in Norway.

The project ridicules the business world’s use of «limited editions»: First, they decide not to make too many copies of a product, and then they use the limitation as a argument to sell more.
With the surprising use of materials that are not appropriate for their use, the artist aimes to make people rethink the materials and use of everyday objects that surrounds us. He also want his art to be entertaining.

Do you have a gallery and want to exhibit «Limited edition», want to buy one of the objects or just want to leave a comment, please contact:

+47 918 93 950

The Norwegian success novel by Lars Mytting, «The Sixteen Trees of the Somme», will be published in UK and USA autumn 2017. In this version of the book, the whole text has been put in alphabetical order.

This fly swatter is for one-time-use only. It is made by the reknowned glass artist Æsa Björk.

These knitting needles are modelled in chocolate by award winning
confectioner Sverre Sætre.

These ping pong balls have the exact correct size – 40 mm – but are made of heavy glass.

This condom is knitted by artist Maria Therese Fernander Smit.

This triangle is made by Håkon Forfod Sønneland. It is formed of an extra fluffy pipe cleaner.

This bikini is made of sand paper by artist and fashion designer Fam Irvoll. She is known for her partnership with artists like Lady Gaga, Lilly Allen and Rihanna.

On this heavy shopping list, the letters are sandblasted into the stone.

This espresso cup is made by chocolate.

The product catalog containes all the objects in the «Limited edition» art project, both the ones that are actually produced, and the ones that will be produced on demand, like a life jacket made of lead and an umbrella made of gelatin. In Norwegian only.